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Senior Developer

Sky UK (NBC Universal)
Nov 2018 - present
  • Creating, updating and maintaining the NowTV codebase's over 15000 javascript unit tests in Jest (and replacing the relevant Sinon ones) .
  • Creating, updating and maintaining the NowTV codebase's over 2000 cucumber functional tests in Ruby.
  • Created various features as multiple live rails availability for the NowTV app while maintaining the code standards and testing techniques already put in place.
  • Reduce overall codebase tech debt by updating patterns, approaches and code restructures so that users can enjoy a better overall experience and the developers release features with more confidence. Also, making sure that the code is correctly linted and type checks are respected.
  • Integrated an analytical testing tool into the NowTV TV app so that multi variant A/B tests across all distributions of the app while maintaining the integrity of the app across the wide range of devices on which it runs.

Senior Frontend Developer

Aug 2018 - Oct 2018
  • Added Payment Verification/Processing step including 3D Secure to an upcoming multi tenancy journey experience projects that will be used for multiple providers to create exciting customer facing journeys.
  • Improved e2e testing by implementing a service for recording and replaying various requests for the project that originate from different pipelines.
  • Made different UI and UX improvements throughout the whole project.

Full Stack Developer

News UK, The Sun
Mar 2018 - Aug 2018
  • Helped improve the performance The Sun's for both the users and developers by upgrading the tech stack while maintaining the existing feature parity.
  • Implemented various components for The Sun's World Cup 2018 Page that integrate different 3rd party services for tracking or delivery of content.
  • Created, tested and maintained api different endpoints for the Express.js server.

Frontend Engineer

AIG Europe
Oct 2017 - Feb 2018
  • Helped architecting and implementing from scratch an internal multi tenant insurance quote generator.
  • Fixed numerous bugs and implemented new features on the existing single tenant insurance quote generator.
  • Created various internal PoC projects revolving around the insurance business.

Full Stack Developer

Third Space Learning Ltd
Aug 2017 - Oct 2017
  • Architected and implemented the initial frontend version of Mathshub - an online platform that provides different types of Maths resources (documents, videos, daily challenges) for teachers and pupils from Year 1 to Year 6. The content is available on a tier based method.
  • Architected and implemented the initial backend version for Mathshub. All the communications between the client and the SQL Database were made through the thin GraphQL layer which comprised many custom made Types, queries and mutations. Different filters were created in order to deliver the correct information based on the user's tier - eg download urls.
  • Created the SQL Database from scratch in order to store the various resources in a organised manner. I have also used materialized views (that auto refresh through triggers) for different parts of the app to reduce the usage of costly join operations between tables and deliver the information needed by the frontend.
  • Created a bespoke CMS (PoC) offering basic CRUD operations enabling non-devs to create and update Mathshub content making use of the whole GraphQL backend.

Software Engineer

Beamly Ltd
Oct 2016 - Aug 2017
  • Created an internal validation tool for various social campaign entries over a graph database and opensourced its seed project, Project Viper.
  • Created an internal Wordpress blog and opensourced the Docker environment I created for it, Wordpress Jail Cell.
  • Architected and implemented both the graphql backend (api, database schema and relations between tables) and the frontend of an internal social listening tool that gathers and analyses different types of data using various internal tools and services.
  • Contributed to different existing internal React projects by either maintaining them or adding new features.

Software Engineer

Kano Computing Ltd
Jul 2015 - Oct 2016
  • Created the first stage of a unified sharing flow between the Debian-based Kano OS and the existing webapps.
  • Created a first version of an unified navigation experience for the Make Apps project.
  • Recreated the registration flow into a collection of reusable components that were used across all of the Kano web products with the help of the Kano World SDK.
  • Created the initial version of the Kano World platform onboarding flow of new users along with the necessary backend changes.
  • Created the frontend for the Kano online store from scratch using Shopify as a data store and payment gateway.
  • Created from scratch an internal Amazon-like SLA service to update the delivery times for the online store's products relevant to the user's local timezone.
  • Developed and maintained countless features for different tools and projects, like Make Art or Kano World.

Frontend Developer

ReadForward LLC
Apr 2014 - May 2015
  • Created various textbooks for grades 1 - 4 and different reports that have interactive and collaborative exercises using the opensourced authoring tool Learn Forward Author, for example: Net Children Go Mobile Report.
  • Implemented the opensource presidential campaign website of the 2014's elections for Monica Macovei.
  • Recreated the company website at that time with the same stack as the election's website.


  • My personal dotfiles that I constantly update. (Dotfiles)

  • An Alexa trivia game in which you are challenged to guess 10 capital cities. (World Capitals)

  • My personal website built with ReactJS, NextJS and managed by Prismic Headless CMS. (Personal Website)

  • Codeveloped an iOS App that allows friends to discover them if are nearby and choose a convenient rally point to meet. (Spypal)


I try to keep up with the latest technology trends by lurking Hacker News and I also enjoy reading comic books, especially from Marvel. In my free time I help my friends with development mentoring and practise playing the guitar as much as I can.

Last update: April 15th, 2019